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Streamlining Operations Through Better Technology

November 24, 2009


BY: Lucio T. I. Maramba, Director of Response Tracking, Mercury Media Santa Monica

Is your direct response media agency running on all cylinders?

Clients often evaluate potential media agencies based on their rates and relationships with media outlets, but what about the agencies whose departments directly support the media buying engine?

In today’s competitive environment, your campaign has enough challenges to overcome without having to worry about the operational efficiency of your media partner.  The lowest media rates will not matter if the operational departments behind the scenes drop the ball on vendor setup, traffic and tracking.  Operational departments are vital in bridging the gap between media buying and accurate and actionable response tracking.  (more…)


Interactive TV, A Perfect Storefront

November 17, 2009


By: Chris Conderino, EVP, Director of Planning, Mercury Media New York City

As a New York media buyer for several years, I have always said that television advertising should act as an extension of a company’s storefront, meant to lure shoppers in and make the cash register ring.  Today, as marketing budgets shrink and CMOs are asked to show results for every dollar spent, this philosophy is truer than ever.  My advice to marketers is to put their TV ad dollars where they will have the biggest impact on their bottom line – Interactive TV.  When it comes to media storefronts, there are few as enticing. (more…)

GREAT Direct Response Creative in Six Simple Steps

November 12, 2009


By: Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

An effective creative is essential to the success of any direct response campaign. The historically proven DRTV creative formula consists of six key elements that we strive to include in all of our creative pieces.  Integrate these six elements and your creative is sure to generate a response! (more…)

Managing Call Centers for Optimal Response

November 10, 2009



By: Daniel Diamond, Vice President, East Coast Operations

If clients were asked to rate their call centers’ overall performace, the overwhelming response would be that their call centers could always be better.  While it may appear that the call center business is a thankless one, it can be very rewarding if managed correctly.  Like your media agency, your call center is a valuable ally in successfully executing your overall campaign. (more…)