Managing Call Centers for Optimal Response



By: Daniel Diamond, Vice President, East Coast Operations

If clients were asked to rate their call centers’ overall performace, the overwhelming response would be that their call centers could always be better.  While it may appear that the call center business is a thankless one, it can be very rewarding if managed correctly.  Like your media agency, your call center is a valuable ally in successfully executing your overall campaign.

The first hurdle to overcome in the call center chain is also the most obvious – how do you know which center is right for your campaign?  This can be answered simply by looking at where your competition is.  Call centers tend to be strong in certain categories and weak in others.  By being diligent, and doing your research, you can typically find the right center in a short period of time.  Also, remember that your call center is not a standalone entity, it must work well with your other partners – especially with your media and fulfillment agencies.  The best campaigns can falter if the communication between your service partners fails, so pay very close attention to a potential call center’s culture and ability to communicate consistently and effectively within your team environment. 

The next obstacle is your offer.  With the right offer, any campaign can be successful.  The true art lies in striking a perfect balance between revenue and performance.  Additionally, your offer should be refined again and again, in order to make the most out of every incoming call.

Scripting, like your offer, should be changed frequently.  Conversion percentages, for offer and upsells, should be reviewed on a regular basis to determine how they can be increased.  Sometimes, changes as simple as adding in verbiage about a Holiday offer will increase conversion substantially and therefore increase revenue.

Managing your call center is a very important, but laborious, task that should be handled by someone with working knowledge of the backend environment.  Too often, a client tries to take this task on, only to end up with lengthy call times and low conversion rates.  It is important for clients to remember that if the call center doesn’t perform, then the Agency doesn’t win either.   Mercury Media manages as much of the call center process as possible to maximize our client’s potential for success.

Daniel Diamond is Vice President of East Coast Operations for Mercury Media, where he is responsible for overseeing the agency’s backend operations including IT, media software and traffic projects, streamlining agency wide access to critical data and coordinating national opportunities to leverage company vendor speed and reduce costs.  Diamond joined Mercury Media’s team in 1991 and went on to become a key figure within the agency, holding various leadership positions including Traffic Manager, Telemarketing Manager, Media Software Manager and Senior Media Research Analyst. 

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