GREAT Direct Response Creative in Six Simple Steps


By: Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

An effective creative is essential to the success of any direct response campaign. The historically proven DRTV creative formula consists of six key elements that we strive to include in all of our creative pieces.  Integrate these six elements and your creative is sure to generate a response!

Problem An attention grabbing problem should be included in the very beginning of a spot.  The problem should be easily relatable to the masses, so your viewer stops to watch what happens rather than moving on to the next show or commercial.

Testimonials – Successful DRTV spots always include on-camera testimonials that the viewer can relate to.  These testimonials will lend credibility to the product or service being offered, driving the consumer to make a purchase or call/click.

Demonstrations – Demonstrations are vital to the success of a DRTV creative.  Viewers can be skeptical, so showing that the product or service really works is key.

Offer – All DRTV creative should include a very compelling offer that presents great value or a satisfaction guarantee.  The goal is to make the viewer feel comfortable and compelled to find out more information or to make a purchase immediately.

Premium – A premium is an additional item that has a high perceived value.  Premiums act as an additional incentive for consumers who are hesitant to act immediately.

CTA – The most important element to all of our creatives is the CTA.  A Call to Action or Click to Action in the form of an 800 number and/or dedicated URL are repeated and visible throughout the entire spot, driving response from the consumer.

Whether starting a creative from scratch or working with existing commercials, we specialize in driving consumer response.  Our formula has a proven, twenty year history of success. With our Creative Services Department in-house, we deliver direct response like no other!

Chrissy Ferrier is Creative Director of Mercury Media in Boston, where she works closely with the agency’s key clients, including as Liberty Medical, Neutrogena, Hoveround and Nuance, to create compelling spots that drive viewer response.  Ferrier’s creative experience spans several industries including travel & tourism, healthcare, debt management, houseware & hardware, kids, health & beauty, consumer goods, pets, insurance and automotive. 

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