Streamlining Operations Through Better Technology


BY: Lucio T. I. Maramba, Director of Response Tracking, Mercury Media Santa Monica

Is your direct response media agency running on all cylinders?

Clients often evaluate potential media agencies based on their rates and relationships with media outlets, but what about the agencies whose departments directly support the media buying engine?

In today’s competitive environment, your campaign has enough challenges to overcome without having to worry about the operational efficiency of your media partner.  The lowest media rates will not matter if the operational departments behind the scenes drop the ball on vendor setup, traffic and tracking.  Operational departments are vital in bridging the gap between media buying and accurate and actionable response tracking.  Clients should expect their media partner to have their operational departments working at peak efficiency to maximize the potential for success on all fronts.  Afterall, your campaign should be judged on its own merits, not on its technical glitches.

Transparency and competence on the operational side is vital to a smooth running campaign.  Your media agency should be utilizing a robust airdate management system which can ingest all the important data sources from your campaign and provide you with regular and accurate profitability reporting.  Efficient data handling can facilitate in-depth analytics which will lead to actionable items that fuel campaign optimization.  Your agency should take advantage of technologies, such as broadcast monitoring services, to accurately track media clearance.  For the tech savvy client, your agency should be able to provide custom data exports or online reporting based on your own database and audit needs. Technology has advanced and so should your expectations for your media partner.

In addition to a strong technology backbone, a well rounded  direct response agency should have solid relationships with vendors in addition to media buyers and station reps.  Your agency should also have highly trained industry veterans who work regularly and efficiently with their operational counterparts at call centers, web partners and on the client side.  These individuals are often the most qualified people to troubleshoot a technical problem and protect the integrity of your data.  This ensures that the costly investment of bringing your campaign to market doesn’t end up as an equally costly technical disaster.

An agency’s ability to efficiently manage operations and distill insight from the constant tidal wave of incoming data is your most valuable tool in your evolving campaign strategy.  At Mercury Media, we believe clients should expect more from their media partner, and we deliver by providing our clients with the right technology and the right operational talent.  Your campaign deserves nothing less.

Lucio Maramba is Director of Response Tracking at Mercury Media in Santa Monica. A veteran of the DR industry, Lucio has more than 12 years of experience in tracking, operations and vendor management.

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