The Call is Queen

By: Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español, Santa Monica

It is easy to rest on the laurels of strong media performance – particularly when you are Mercury en español – but anyone aiming to replicate what we do would only know the half of it.  To a large degree, our success on the response and lead gen side of the business also represents the seeds of self-destruction for any campaign.

Surely we generate more customers for our clients which, oftentimes, are new-found income for them, but the true success of a Hispanic DRTV campaign rests in its profitability, not its volume.  For better or worse, our ability to scale is inextricably tied to our call centers’ capabilities and capacity.

We cannot boast of campaign management service without recognizing that the epicenter of our client’s success is “the call.”   Not generating the call, but the call itself.  Until now, we have been establishing our second-to-none ability to generate call volume.  Creative and media play a leading role in our success, but our secret actually lies in our ability to vertically integrate call center performance in everything we do.  And that means optimizing four key areas – call capacity, call handling, call conversion, and call duration.

This year, Mercury en español will add Hispanic Call Management to our portfolio of services.  We will be managing rules-based call routing models targeting each of the key areas listed above.  The net result for our clients will be more calls, less talk time, more scalability, more projectable transactions, less waste and better load balancing.

The long term objective of Mercury en español, as a separate but integrated enterprise, is “parallel performance.”  This means that, key cultural issues aside, our aim is to meet and beat general market performance standards.  In order to do this, we have to address the liabilities of this market segment – more multi-pay, lower price points, more bad debt, more junk calls, etc.

We recognize that the call is queen, and so should you.

Marcelino Miyares is director of Mercury en español, the first full service Hispanic direct response specialty practice in the U.S., where he has expanded the agency’s current in-language direct response television offerings to include a full suite of Hispanic, in- language general market, integrated direct response services.  Miyares has developed marketed communications programs for varied clients such as Body-by-Jake, Citibank, MCI, Signature Group, Montgomery Ward, PepsiCo, Ameritech, PharMor, American Stores, Beneficial Finance, Chrysler, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Toys R Us, Philip Morris.

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