Five Tips for Increasing Your Advertising ROI in 2010

By Beth Vendice, President, Mercury Media Boston

Madison Avenue saw many changes in 2009, including an iron-clad call for accountability across several industries, giving rise to Pay-for-Performance models, widespread agency reviews and closures of some of the advertising industry’s top shops.

As the new year approaches, resolve to increase your advertising ROI in 2010 with these five tips:

1. Consider Whether your Ads Qualify for Deep Discounts. Direct Response (DR) advertisements qualify for a 30% – 70% discount off traditional adverting rates.  Most networks now accept a URL and mobile short codes as the response mechanism to qualify for DR rates.  If your advertisement includes a 1-800 number, URL or both, you might qualify for deep discounts.

2.  Hold Your Agency Accountable. Set profitability goals with your advertising agency at the outset of your campaign in order to establish measureable performance goals.  At Mercury Media we always make comprehensive recommendations to our clients regarding creative, media and financial goals.  If financial goals are set from the start, we can tweak a client’s entire media campaign to achieve them, even guarantee performance at the outset of your campaign – a first for the television advertising industry.

3.  Find Advertising Avenues That Offer Flexibility. Direct response is one of the only advertising categories that can track and adjust media placement daily.  If your ad is not delivering on one major network, we’ll decrease spending there and increase spending where you are getting the best response.  Our position as a leader in the DR industry allows Mercury Media to purchase discounted ad space in bulk, which translates to more flexibility for our clients.

4.  Look for the Whole Package. Large corporations often have trouble handling direct to consumer sales and can shy away for DR for that reason.  At Mercury Media, we make it a point to offer these advertisers a complete package – we take care of everything from the television commercial, to call center management, to packing and shipping products – often for less than the cost of a traditional 30 second television spot.

5.  Three of a Kind Always Wins in DR. While the capabilities and appeal of DR have evolved tremendously over the past five years, our formula for success has remained the same:  push products or services that have unique, perceived value and are demonstrable to viewers.  Many traditional advertisers already have the perfect product up their sleeve; it’s just a matter of recognizing DR as its perfect marketing match.

Beth is President of Mercury Media Boston and is responsible for leading the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the national short-form practice.  Since joining Mercury in 2001 she has led the firm to significant year-over-year growth by attracting clients that include Mandalay Bay Resorts Group, LifeLock, Boost Mobile, Conair and

Beth can be reached at


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