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The Proactiv Solution: Nearly 15 Years and Going Strong

January 28, 2010

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By:  Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

Direct response television ads for The Proactiv Solution, produced by the highly touted direct response experts Guthy-Renker, offer the perfect model for effective direct response creative.  Not only do these commercials consistently perfect the direct response formula, but the team continually reinvents The Proactiv Solution with new creative, products and offers, making their nearly 15 year run as direct response marketers very impressive. (more…)


How To Launch An In-Language Internet Program

January 21, 2010

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By: Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español, Santa Monica

When our clients ask me whether an in-language Internet program is necessary to the success of their Spanish-language advertising campaign, I ask them if their marketing goals long- or short-term. If a client’s goal is short-term testing of a product or service, an in-language Internet program is nice to have but not necessary, but if a client has long-term marketing goals that aim to build loyalty among Spanish-speaking consumers, then an active digital campaign is essential. (more…)

Not Your Father’s “Yell And Sell”

January 20, 2010

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By Biff Burns, Senior Director, Corporate Direct Response, Mercury Media Boston

After this past weekend of football, award shows, and the standard fare or reality and crime shows, it continues to be obvious that marketers are not willing to give up TV. I’ve been in the marketing business on both sides of the desk and I can tell you that TV has always been in the mix and always will be. (more…)

Television’s CPA Model

January 18, 2010

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By: Doug Fox, Senior Director of Business Development, Mercury Media Boston

Pay-for-performance agency compensation is a hot topic these days, but what most agencies offer is a very one-sided performance equation.  If their work underperforms, the agency is paid what it is normally paid, but if the agencies’ work outperforms, they’re paid even more through a bonus.  Sounds like a sweet deal – as long as you aren’t a client. (more…)

Embracing The Simplicity Of the Funnel

January 14, 2010

By: Ronald C. Pruett, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Mercury Media

I’ve read a few missives lately about the sales funnel.  At Mercury Media, we can drive customers to and through that funnel in a predictable, profitable manner.  In fact, I really like the image of the funnel because it’s easily understood and impediments to success can be quickly identified and fixed. For DR companies that are heavily operational, and many are, the funnel works wonders. (more…)