The Proactiv Solution: Nearly 15 Years and Going Strong

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By:  Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

Direct response television ads for The Proactiv Solution, produced by the highly touted direct response experts Guthy-Renker, offer the perfect model for effective direct response creative.  Not only do these commercials consistently perfect the direct response formula, but the team continually reinvents The Proactiv Solution with new creative, products and offers, making their nearly 15 year run as direct response marketers very impressive.

In the health and beauty categories, direct response advertising competition is fierce.  With competitors mimicking their every move, The Proactiv Solution and Guthy-Renker have had to work harder than most to stand out among the pack.  The secret to their success is their direct response creative.  Demonstrable and relatable before and after photos of real customers, combined with a highly touted pool of A-List celebrity “pitchmen,” have helped the team portray The Proactiv Solution as genuine and unlike its competitors.  And the team always finishes their creative with an unbelievable offer.  Oftentimes, The Proactiv Solution’s price point is half that of  their competitors and creative is constantly offering new premiums to help “seal the deal” and drive conversions.  This perfect formula for effective direct response creative has made a believer out of me and millions of customers.

I take my hat off to The Proactiv Solution and Guthy-Renker for their consistent success.  Their creative formula is one that all direct response marketers should take heed of.  Be sure to look for their newest spots, which launched on January 18th.   The team successfully reinvents The Proactiv Solution yet again, with new celebrities, key features and benefits for customers.  The acne competition had better step up their game if they want to compete with The Proactiv Solution in 2010.  With these new ads, The Proactive Solution and Guthy-Renker will really pop!


Mercury Media is extending our wealth of knowledge to new and potential clients by offering FREE Creative Reviews of your latest spot.  We will critique your creative in any stage of the process to lend our expertise.  If you’d like to have your spot reviewed, please contact Chrissy Ferrier at 508-449-3211 or at

Disclaimer: One review per client. Reviews will be delivered one week from time of agreement.

Chrissy Ferrier is the Creative Director of Mercury Media Boston.  An 8-year direct response, marketing and client service veteran, Ferrier oversees the management of the creative department, who have produced hundreds of successful DRTV spots.  Ferrier works closely with Mercury’s Key Accounts, such as Hoveround, Nuance, eDiets and others, by creating compelling spots with high response rates to create the best ROI for Mercury’s clients.  Since being at Mercury Media, Ferrier has produced a large number of spots from brand direct, such as and Liberty Medical, to products, such as the One Touch Can Opener and the Faraday Flashlight, both of which were back-to-back year smash hits!


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