Hispanic Market Weekly: Direct Response Television Growing Strong

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Above: (ProduTV) Mercury en español director Marcelino Miyares discusses the effectiveness of DRTV advertising to the Hispanic market, detailing the extraordinary success of beauty client InStyler (interview in Spanish)

Advertisers’ need for increased return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent and the quest for solid metrics necessary to warrant larger – or even equivalent – advertising budgets, are shining the spotlight on direct response television (DRTV).

This media vehicle, long popular among advertisers using “800 numbers” to sell products ranging from English-language courses to beauty creams and cleaning products, is now gaining traction from brands seeking to introduce new products to Latinos and drive retail sales, explains Marcelino Miyares Jr., director of Mercury en Español, the Hispanic division of Mercury Media.

Advertisers already using DRTV to connect with non-Latino consumers or selling products in English began to see increased activity from Hispanics tuned to cable channels including mun2 and SíTV, notes Miyares.

“These channels were achieving results that surpassed advertisers’ general market numbers,” says Miyares. “It was a clear sign that the market was there and that it wasn’t being addressed. Many are taking the market seriously and are now seeing rewards.”

Read the complete article on HispanicMarketWeekly.com

Marcelino Miyares is director of Mercury en español, the first full service Hispanic direct response specialty practice in the U.S., where he has expanded the agency’s current in-language direct response television offerings to include a full suite of Hispanic, in- language general market, integrated direct response services.  Miyares has developed marketed communications programs for varied clients such as Body-by-Jake, Citibank, MCI, Signature Group, Montgomery Ward, PepsiCo, Ameritech, PharMor, American Stores, Beneficial Finance, Chrysler, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Toys R Us, Philip Morris.

Contact him at MMiyares@MercuryMedia.com


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