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Mercury Media Releases “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer”

April 27, 2010

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We’ve released the second installment of our TV Perspectives series of whitepapers today, “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer,” measuring the impact Hispanic consumers are having on direct response advertisers’ ROI.

According to the 2009 Mercury Media Hispanic Index™, an aggregation of results from our agency’s long-form DRTV campaigns that ran simultaneously in Spanish and English, brands that allocated, on average, 24% of their media spend to a separate and unique Hispanic campaign saw their overall sales revenue increase by an average of 47% and their revenue net of media spend grow by 71%.


Have Your PI and Eat It Too

April 21, 2010

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By: Doug Fox, Senior Director of Business Development, Mercury Media Boston

Mom always said you couldn’t have your Pie and eat it too.

Well DRTV advertisers these days are having lots of PI. Per Inquiry or PI’s are an important part of any DRTV effort. Companies such as RevShare and MMSI have built thriving businesses that add low risk sales to every campaign.

But PI’s are never enough.
(more…) DRTV’s Best Friend

April 19, 2010

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By Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español, Santa Monica

Two bits of good news regarding online “Direct Response” and Hispanics. First, Engage: Hispanics is keeping up the dialog on this issue. I believe it to be the most important growth opportunity in the Hispanic market, and not because of the revenues it may generate for advertisers and their agencies. This growth will continue to be organic for a few more years, because of the impact it is having on Direct Response TV (DRTV) campaigns, or what my friend and colleague, Jose Villa at Sensis, recently referred to as “the performance industry.”

Behaviorally-Targeted Advertising, Worth the Cost?

April 14, 2010

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By: Jennifer Cove Sullivan, Group Account Director, Mercury Media Boston

The effectiveness of behaviorally-targeted media across all mediums has been heavily debated over the last few years.  A recent study by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) found that behaviorally-targeted advertising is more than twice as effective at converting users who click on the ads into buyers and that behavioral advertising accounted for approximately 18% of advertising revenue. While I don’t debate or disagree with the study findings, I do think it overlooks one vital truth – the effectiveness of behavioral advertising comes down to how specific and narrow your demo and product/service is and what your defined campaign goals are.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered:’s DRTV Success Story Makes Headlines

April 9, 2010

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We’d like to extend a big congratulations to our client, whose incredible success story and innovative advertising were featured this week in Forbes, Financial Times and New York Times!
We are looking forward to helping reach new heights!

Direct Advice for Entrepreneurs

April 5, 2010

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By:  Mark Biglow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mercury Media Santa Monica

Marketers with a new product may find today’s retail landscape daunting.  With a handful of powerful bricks and mortar retailers controlling the landscape for most product categories, the magnitude of financial resources required represents a formidable barrier to entry for many.  These powerful retailers can dictate margins, inventory risk, and allowances for returns and co-op advertising that leave the marketer with little more than the proverbial lump of coal.  Fortunately, there is an alternative: direct response (DR) advertising where the marketer makes a direct appeal to the consumer, thus cutting out the middleman.