Mercury Media Releases “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer”

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We’ve released the second installment of our TV Perspectives series of whitepapers today, “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer,” measuring the impact Hispanic consumers are having on direct response advertisers’ ROI.

According to the 2009 Mercury Media Hispanic Index™, an aggregation of results from our agency’s long-form DRTV campaigns that ran simultaneously in Spanish and English, brands that allocated, on average, 24% of their media spend to a separate and unique Hispanic campaign saw their overall sales revenue increase by an average of 47% and their revenue net of media spend grow by 71%.

Furthermore, Spanish-language DRTV campaigns appeared to be far more efficient than corresponding English-language DRTV campaigns, averaging an MER of $2.44 and $1.63, respectively. By integrating a separate but parallel Spanish-language program into their general campaigns, the Mercury Media Hispanic Index™ showed that brands were able to raise their overall MER to $1.82.

Download the full whitepaper for new insight regarding U.S. Hispanic consumers and tactics for effectively reaching this growing market through direct response advertising HERE.

Contact the authors:

Michael Goodman, Sr. Director of Research, Mercury Media at

Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español at

Since Mercury en español’s inception in 2009, Mercury Media has successfully migrated many of its English-language clients to its Hispanic specialty practice. As Mercury en español has shown, effectively reaching the Hispanic consumer requires a campaign that is discretely targeted, yet integrated with the general advertising campaign. Mercury en español clients that have followed this approach have seen significant growth in sales revenue and ROI.


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