A Guide to Interactive TV Terminology

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By: Michael Goodman, Senior Director of Analytics, Mercury Media Boston

Interactive TV is redefining television and the lingo we use to describe it.  To help you navigate this ever-evolving platform, I have put together this official Guide to Interactive TV Terminology.

Just a few phrases to add to your vocabulary include:

Digital Homes – Homes that receive their TV from a set-top-box or specialized device that transmits from a web connection.  Homes that utilize a “digital receiver” to convert “analog” frequencies are not “digital homes.”

IPTV – Acronym for “internet protocol TV.”  Future ability of the TV set-top-box to interface with the web like a modem, access content and achieve 2-way communications on the web.

Pay-For-Play/Free TV – Viewers option to pay for programming to eliminate commercials.  Free option should disable Fast Forward.

Download the complete guide here.

Contact him at mgoodman@MercuryMedia.com


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