Is 3D Gaming Ahead of its Time?

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By: Michael Goodman, Senior Director of Analytics, Mercury Media Boston

I was recently quoted in an article titled, “Sony Embarks on a New Crusade With 3-D Gaming” by Renay San Miguel in Technology News World.  The article discussed Sony’s plans for releasing PlayStation3 video games in 3-D, some of which will be available by this holiday shopping season.  The question being is 3-D gaming ahead of its time?

In my opinion, Sony’s 3-D strategy is reminiscent of the release of PlayStation3 some five years ago.  Given the prevalence of today’s HDTV’s, broadband and over-the-box content, PS3 is a fantastic product for this time.  It was a gaming system designed for 2010 but released in 2005.  3-D games will certainly push sales for 3-D televisions ($3,000-$6,000) but may not become the norm for at least another 5 years.  Sony’s 3-D gaming isn’t necessarily about holiday 2010, but rather about securing a place in the future.

See the full article here.


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