Hispanic Marketing 101: Smart Marketing Is About Consumer Segmentation

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By Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en espanol

When I have conversations with prospective clients who haven’t yet taken the step into Hispanic-language DRTV, I know that they are expecting me to give a mixed presentation about DRTV and Hispanic Marketing 101–but that’s not what they get. There are few actionable differences in marketing to Hispanics versus general consumers and if that is disappointing, I apologize. It is the marketer, not the marketing, that makes the difference. Nowhere is this fact more discernable than DRTV, with its singular focus on ROI and business performance.

We recently published a whitepaper illustrating the leveragability of an incremental Hispanic media spend within an overall direct response campaign. We found that long-form DRTV campaigns for our clients that ran simultaneously in Spanish and English resulted in an overall average sales revenue increase of 47 percent when brands allocated, on average, 24 percent of their media spend to a separate and unique Hispanic campaign.

Read the entire article on ElectronicRetailerMag.com

Marcelino Miyares is director of Mercury en español, the first full service Hispanic direct response specialty practice in the U.S., where he has expanded the agency’s current in-language direct response television offerings to include a full suite of Hispanic, in- language general market, integrated direct response services.  Miyares has developed marketed communications programs for varied clients such as Body-by-Jake, Citibank, MCI, Signature Group, Montgomery Ward, PepsiCo, Ameritech, PharMor, American Stores, Beneficial Finance, Chrysler, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Toys R Us, Philip Morris.

Contact him at MMiyares@MercuryMedia.com


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