Our New Year’s Commitment

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New Year’s predictions are over. That’s fine with me, because I don’t believe in them too much. At Mercury Media we recommitted to our resolutions long before the ball dropped on 2011. Our resolution has everything to do with clients and their customers. We’re committed to our Performance Guarantee for TV model (PGM).

Mercury Media is the only agency offering large-scale PGM advertising in North America.  So instead of paying for your broadcast media based on CPM’s or GRP’s, we will provide it to you based on a guaranteed CPL (cost per lead) or CPS (cost per sale). These are not PI’s.  We buy proven, top performing, paid media on behalf of our clients and we share the risk with them for any short-form execution.

As a direct response agency, we have a 20-year response database in our short form business that we can leverage, enabling us to predict success and scalability, and guarantee performance, within certain markets and audiences, including the insurance, senior, travel & hospitality, personal care, beauty, financial services, education, medical and retail markets, among others.  All it takes is a short paid test that typically lasts two to three weeks.

Our PGM program has changed since we launched it early last year. We’re recommitting to what has made our company successful because the conditions in the marketplace are right for it. But we’ve also added a few new elements. We have designed our PGM program to be even more flexible and scalable. We are prepared to work with our clients on several levels. We can adapt PGM to include cost per lead, cost per conversion, cost per acquisition, cost per audience viewership and cost per performance. Not only have our clients succeeded with PGM, our broadcast partners are excited about it too. Here’s an example: FearNet, which is one of the hottest launches the cable industry has seen, has selected Mercury Media as its exclusive partner and its exclusive DRTV agency.

I see three reasons why our PGM program is more relevant and even more urgent than ever before:

  1. Cable network launches: The launch of Oprah’s new network, FearNet, AntennaTV, County Network and more have made 2011 one of the most aggressive launch years in the history of cable TV. Advertisers need to take advantage of the new rates, the new audiences and the new audience segments available through this new activity. At Mercury, PGM helps you cover your bets on these new networks.
  2. Data: Audience data and segmentation is at a premium. It is one of the most important currencies available and we have the ability to generate data and monitor it. DRTV generates solid, identifiable and optimizable leads. With the Internet moving toward anonymous lead generation and demand side platforms, DRTV becomes an even more valuable lead generation machine than ever.
  3. Branding: Marketing costs are still under scrutiny. DRTV and the PGM model allow for branding and direct sales to converge. That’s more important than ever and with the economic recovery crawling rather than running, we think it will be a key factor as the year plays out.

These are not a set of predictions, they are a commitment. We believe that if we’re committed to this business, our clients will be too, and, in turn, their customers will commit to them.

As Sr. VP of Media for Mercury Media Boston, Cheryl leads a team of 20
direct response media professionals. With over 15 years of experience in direct response media, Cheryl prides herself on the strength of her long-standing relationships within the industry. Under her leadership, Mercury Media became the first agency to provide clients with direct response national cable sponsorships, create quarterly media package deals across numerous networks and provide clients with guaranteed media results against their marketing objectives.

Contact her at cgreen@mercurymedia.com


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