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Driving Retail

August 22, 2011

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By: Beth Vendice, President, Mercury Media Performance Guarantee Group, Boston

We pride ourselves on “now.” At its most basic level, direct response TV is all about “now.” Make the call, visit the website, do it now.  All the creative, messaging, and placement is designed for “now.” To elicit an immediate response.

Which is not to say that “now” TV doesn’t have positive after effects. Branding is one of them. Retail sales are another.  Often, I am asked about the relationship between DRTV and retail sales lift.. It makes sense. Many of our most successful clients sell products or services that simply don’t have a retail component, such as ecommerce services. On the other hand, many clients have a retail product component and invariably the two go hand in hand. DRTV drives retail sales. It isn’t the science of “now”, but it is the science of DTRV’s afterburners. (more…)