Mercury Media Delivers a New Way to Drive Retail

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By: Barry Jacobs, Vice President, Short Form Direct Response, Mercury Media Santa Monica

I was reminded today of the years when I was selling local radio and TV. I would do my best to get a meeting with the owner of a business, only to be told that he would not give up his advertising in the newspaper, because his customers would actually have a copy of the ad in their hands when they walked into the store.

Well, times have changed and Mercury Media has developed a marketing plan that actually has the modern consumer still walking into the retail store, but instead of carrying a newspaper ad, they are carrying a coupon or offer they have downloaded from the internet.

Newspaper readership is at its all time low. Newspapers are going out of business and most newspapers have a web site that more and more people are turning to, instead of getting their fingers black from the newsprint. The average age of the reader is sixty plus and I am being generous and the average time spent with the paper is twenty minutes a day. They average family spends over four hours a day in front of the TV and two and a half hours in front of their computer.

If your target customer is under fifty and you have a business of any kind or your product is available in a retail environment. Mercury can deliver your customer carrying an ad or coupon, just like the old days.

Here’s an example:

The client is a leading retailer who provides quality, affordable children’s clothing nationally. The target is parents with children newborn to twelve years. The challenge was that the client was looking for a mass market medium which would deliver coupons efficiently and increase retail sales during the back to school season.

Mercury Media structured a two week test, utilizing DRTV buying disciplines. The target age group was women 25-44. Mercury Media consulted with the client using their existing commercial and adding a strong call to action urging the viewer to “act now” to obtain a coupon. A unique URL was also added as an additional response vehicle.

The test ran for two weeks and the results were off the charts. 20,000 leads as a direct result of the TV offer. Of the total leads generated, over 65% responded via the web. The two week test generated a cost per lead of $2.19 CPL. The $40,000 test generated over $700,000 in sales that was directly attributed to the coupon redemption.

If you want to grow your business…..Call Mercury Media

Barry Jacobs is Vice President of our West Coast short form direct response television business. Jacobs has been a leader within the direct response industry and prior to Mercury Media worked with leading agencies including Initiative Media’s, his own agency Camelot Media, and later partnered with E&M. Jacobs’ past clients have included direct response leaders such as Jenny Craig, Bosley Medical and Bally’s Fitness. He also served as an instructor of advertising at The University of California Los Angeles’ Anderson School of Business.

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