The Rest of the Story

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By: Barry Jacobs, Vice President, Short Form Direct Response, Mercury Media Santa Monica

For many years, a well-known radio commentator named Paul Harvey aired daily on the ABC Radio Network. His show, News and Comment went on at 12 noon and had an extremely large and loyal following across the country. A big part of his appeal was his signature segment, “The Rest of the Story,” which closed every show.  He utilized this segment to share little known facts on a variety of topics or provide closure to one of his earlier stories.  Taking inspiration from Harvey, my aim today is to share the next chapter to our recent breakthrough success.

Here’s “The Rest of the Story”-

We previously reported on how Mercury Media was able to develop a campaign that drove significant retail sales with a nominal test budget. That campaign involved asking the viewer to visit a dedicated website to register and download a 20% off coupon, which could only be redeemed at the retail outlet.

Based upon their fantastic test results, the company decided to commit additional budget for the holiday season. Once again, Mercury Media’s efforts demonstrated that we know how to drive retail with a DRTV campaign. Building upon the learnings from our early test, we booked schedules nationally with a blend of DR and high reach spot placements, airing over 1,000 spots during the flight.  As we all know, the real proof is in the results and our holiday effort yielded an almost 10:1 profitability ratio!

Building on the success of the 2011 efforts, this advertiser has recently finalized their 2012 budget; with the drive to retail DRTV push a major factor, making Mercury Media one of their most important partners.

Mercury Media knows which networks, creative, offer will reach and deliver a profitable customer for your retail locations and we are happy to share our knowledge and knowhow with any retailer looking to grow with Mercury Media

Now you know the rest of the story.

Barry Jacobs is Vice President of our West Coast short form direct response television business. Jacobs has been a leader within the direct response industry and prior to Mercury Media worked with leading agencies including Initiative Media’s, his own agency Camelot Media, and later partnered with E&M. Jacobs’ past clients have included direct response leaders such as Jenny Craig, Bosley Medical and Bally’s Fitness. He also served as an instructor of advertising at The University of California Los Angeles’ Anderson School of Business.

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