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Channel Crossing: Retail’s Road Less Traveled: Sales for Every Season

May 2, 2012

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By: Maria Eden, Senior Vice President, Director of Short Form, Mercury Media Philadelphia 

“Are we there yet?”

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re probably a parent of small children, a marketer for retail clients, or both.

When it comes to marketing, we’ve found that retailers are often single-mindedly focused on their final destination – the Q4 holiday season.  After all, more than $1 billion was spent during 10 shopping days this season, led by Cyber Monday, which ranked No. 1 for the second consecutive year at $1.25 billion.

But even as visions of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Tuesday dance in retailers’ heads, it’s our job as marketers to keep them focused on their journey toward success year-round.

At Mercury, we’ve found that our retail clients perform best when they base their media strategy on a full calendar of sales, marketing and effective media. Only then can they maintain good customer data, consistent sales and mind share.

It’s no secret that marketers use DRTV to generate immediate product sales.  But the medium is also amazingly adept at driving traffic to retail stores, catalogs and the Internet.  Below are three of our most well-tread tips for your road to retail success:



DRTV Look at Pros vs. Joes

March 15, 2011

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By:  Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” The phrase was so overused a few years ago that the practice of using actors for testimonials in Direct Response ads  was viewed negatively;  however, it’s time to reconsider. Professional actors can be a positive factor in the ROI of a Direct Response TV campaign (DRTV). It’s not to say that “real customers” won’t provide the response rates and returns necessary for some products. But let’s look at the reality of the “pros vs. Joes” in DRTV.

First, professional actors are an essential part of the efficient budget choices a company makes when they budget for and then shoot creative for an effective DRTV campaign.  With real customers, you never know what you are going to get in terms of performance.  Real people are nervous when the camera is on and unless you have an exceptional director, the client runs the risk of coming up short with content, and in this case the testimonial is the content. Are you ready to risk that for the possibility that just maybe, a real customer will come up with a more authentic, grassroots tone?

The Proactiv Solution: Nearly 15 Years and Going Strong

January 28, 2010

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By:  Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

Direct response television ads for The Proactiv Solution, produced by the highly touted direct response experts Guthy-Renker, offer the perfect model for effective direct response creative.  Not only do these commercials consistently perfect the direct response formula, but the team continually reinvents The Proactiv Solution with new creative, products and offers, making their nearly 15 year run as direct response marketers very impressive. (more…)

GREAT Direct Response Creative in Six Simple Steps

November 12, 2009


By: Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

An effective creative is essential to the success of any direct response campaign. The historically proven DRTV creative formula consists of six key elements that we strive to include in all of our creative pieces.  Integrate these six elements and your creative is sure to generate a response! (more…)