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Direct Advice for Entrepreneurs

April 5, 2010

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By:  Mark Biglow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mercury Media Santa Monica

Marketers with a new product may find today’s retail landscape daunting.  With a handful of powerful bricks and mortar retailers controlling the landscape for most product categories, the magnitude of financial resources required represents a formidable barrier to entry for many.  These powerful retailers can dictate margins, inventory risk, and allowances for returns and co-op advertising that leave the marketer with little more than the proverbial lump of coal.  Fortunately, there is an alternative: direct response (DR) advertising where the marketer makes a direct appeal to the consumer, thus cutting out the middleman.


Five Secrets to “As Seen On TV” Success

October 28, 2009


Beth finalBy Beth Vendice, President, Mercury Media Boston

DRTV has proven to be a very effective and cost efficient tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Still, while one in four Americans have purchased a product off a DRTV advertisement, 90% of DRTV ads fail because they are not executed properly and small businesses are ill equipped to handle back-end services essential to the DRTV model – call centers and product fulfillment.   

So, how can savvy entrepreneurs ensure that they’ve got what it takes to be the next “As Seen on TV” success story?  Mercury Media’s five secrets to DRTV advertising success are below: (more…)