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Would You Bet Against the Power of TV?

August 9, 2010

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By:  Ronald C. Pruett, Jr. CEO, Mercury Media

We’ve been analyzing marketing measurement tools and developments for many years now, and there’s nothing more exciting than finding a blazing, controversial new trend. The past few years have certainly provided that kind of excitement as customers have sprinted toward digital, mobile and social media. But as much as I want to find something new to present to clients, there’s one thing that just won’t move. That something is TV.

Marketers need to accept the fact that TV has not gone anywhere and has simply grown into a bigger behemoth than ever before, despite the ubiquitous presence of digital touch points. Now TV is becoming more interactive and it is that interactivity that will make the most popular device in the house – the most popular electronic device since the light bulb, even – more entrenched. Interactive TV is where direct response will find its most important intersection.


A Guide to Interactive TV Terminology

June 18, 2010

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By: Michael Goodman, Senior Director of Analytics, Mercury Media Boston

Interactive TV is redefining television and the lingo we use to describe it.  To help you navigate this ever-evolving platform, I have put together this official Guide to Interactive TV Terminology.

A Guide to Interactive TV Terminology

December 9, 2009


By: Chris Conderino, EVP, Director of Planning, Mercury Media New York City

Interactive TV has been bantered about for the last 10 years and seemed no more likely than beaming up to the Starship Enterprise.  Suddenly it’s all over the trades, with every sector of the advertising business either prognosticating on its future or building it.  As with any new advancement there are new words that describe new processes or redefine and expand the definition of common terms.  For example, “video” has replaced “programming” as the term for moving pictures with sound.  And “TV” has become a “channel” or “platform” rather than the only medium to use channels.

This collection of “interactive TV” terms should help you get started and ready for the new frontier. (more…)