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July 26, 2010

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By: Beth Vendice, President, Mercury Media Boston

My article, “Direct Response TV: Stimulus Funds for the Travel Comeback” was featured today on  It is the first of a series of six, so stay tuned for future articles on how you can use DRTV to boost your travel business!  See my complete article below, also available by subscription only at

If only the travel industry were like the banks, or the biofuels business. Then it would have this huge stimulus fund to research and develop product, attract new customers and access the capital necessary to grow without the burden of huge debt. However, the travel industry does find itself in a good position presently. It is in the midst of a comeback. But economic comebacks have a flaw, being that access to ready capital. It is time for marketing innovation, a stimulus fund if you will. That stimulus program for the travel business has come in the form of direct response innovation.