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To Dub or Not to Dub?

August 17, 2012

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By: Marcelino Miyares, Jr., Director Mercury en español

Something happened in the sports world in mid-May that will go down as a watershed moment in media. It wasn’t about the NBA playoffs or the NFL draft. It was a Sports Center advertisement on ESPN.

For 17 years, the “This is SportsCenter” advertisements have always been in English. But when Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano followed the path of Tony Romo, Albert Pujols, the Manning family, and dozens of others around the ESPN headquarters, giving high-fives to staff members, it was the first time ever that the ad was broadcast in Spanish, and it marked the first time the network showed a Spanish ad on both ESPN Deportes, its Spanish-language sports channel, and its English-language sister channel ESPN2.


Cable upfront: Expect the top networks to match broadcast in CPM increases

June 27, 2011

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Media Life’sMedia Economy Newsletter” recently called on our  Sr. VP Media Director Cheryl Green to weigh in on the evolving cable advertising landscape. Cheryl was recently honored as leading cable media buyer by CableFAX,  in their 2011 “Sweet 16 of Cable.”  Read what Cheryl had to say below:

Is 3D Gaming Ahead of its Time?

June 21, 2010

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By: Michael Goodman, Senior Director of Analytics, Mercury Media Boston

I was recently quoted in an article titled, “Sony Embarks on a New Crusade With 3-D Gaming” by Renay San Miguel in Technology News World.  The article discussed Sony’s plans for releasing PlayStation3 video games in 3-D, some of which will be available by this holiday shopping season.  The question being is 3-D gaming ahead of its time? (more…)

Mercury Media Releases “The Power of Television”

February 25, 2010

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We’ve released the first installment of TV Perspectives, a new series of white papers, spearheaded by our Sr. Director of Research and Analytics Michael Goodman, that will explore innovations in cross-platform advertising with a focus on direct response television.   “The Power of Television” explores how innovations like Addressable TV, TV Everywhere and Interactive TV are leading the evolution toward a harmonious video delivery ecosystem that will fortify the power of television as an ad medium for years to come.  Download the complete white paper here.

The Proactiv Solution: Nearly 15 Years and Going Strong

January 28, 2010

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By:  Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

Direct response television ads for The Proactiv Solution, produced by the highly touted direct response experts Guthy-Renker, offer the perfect model for effective direct response creative.  Not only do these commercials consistently perfect the direct response formula, but the team continually reinvents The Proactiv Solution with new creative, products and offers, making their nearly 15 year run as direct response marketers very impressive. (more…)

Television’s CPA Model

January 18, 2010

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By: Doug Fox, Senior Director of Business Development, Mercury Media Boston

Pay-for-performance agency compensation is a hot topic these days, but what most agencies offer is a very one-sided performance equation.  If their work underperforms, the agency is paid what it is normally paid, but if the agencies’ work outperforms, they’re paid even more through a bonus.  Sounds like a sweet deal – as long as you aren’t a client. (more…)

Best TV Spots of the Decade? Not in Terms of ROI

December 14, 2009

By Biff Burns, Senior Director, Corporate Direct Response, Mercury Media Boston

I just finished looking at Ad Age’s “Best TV Spots of the Decade.”  And although it can be debated endlessly, they were extremely well done, grabbed attention, held it, and even gave me a more solid emotional attachment to the brands they promoted (I love Skittles and there they were!).  But none of them sold me anything and it made me think about one of the cornerstones of advertising: support and sell products for the companies that are doing and buying the advertising. (more…)

Streamlining Operations Through Better Technology

November 24, 2009


BY: Lucio T. I. Maramba, Director of Response Tracking, Mercury Media Santa Monica

Is your direct response media agency running on all cylinders?

Clients often evaluate potential media agencies based on their rates and relationships with media outlets, but what about the agencies whose departments directly support the media buying engine?

In today’s competitive environment, your campaign has enough challenges to overcome without having to worry about the operational efficiency of your media partner.  The lowest media rates will not matter if the operational departments behind the scenes drop the ball on vendor setup, traffic and tracking.  Operational departments are vital in bridging the gap between media buying and accurate and actionable response tracking.  (more…)

GREAT Direct Response Creative in Six Simple Steps

November 12, 2009


By: Chrissy Ferrier, Creative Director, Mercury Media Boston

An effective creative is essential to the success of any direct response campaign. The historically proven DRTV creative formula consists of six key elements that we strive to include in all of our creative pieces.  Integrate these six elements and your creative is sure to generate a response! (more…)

C.P.R.O.I: Redefining R.O.I. in Response to Economic Ails

October 28, 2009


ken photo
By: Ken Dec, SVP of Business Development, Mercury Media

Welcome to “Patient Critical: Madison Avenue,” where new and legacy media vehicles struggle to capture declining advertising dollars, deliver ROI and answer the question: What parts of the marketing budget—which mediums—are worth saving? (more…)