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A New “Perspectiva”

June 20, 2011

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By: Marcelino Miyares, Jr., VP Mercury en español

(As printed in the May 2011 issue of Electronic Retailer Magazine)

I have been involved in marketing to Hispanics in some capacity for more than 30 years. That’s three census cycles, if you’re scoring at home. Most of my tenure has been spent in direct marketing, and every now and then I see a watershed moment that I expect will push marketing to Hispanics over the top. The release of the most recent 2010 Census results is one of those moments.  And still, as recently as last week I have spoken to marketers and agencies who still manage to hold on to outdated and unprofitable perceptions about the Hispanic market.

The 2010 Census results, released in mid-April, are mythbusters for Hispanic marketers. The market now tops 50 million and will account for 95 percent of the teen population growth over the next five years. Hispanics now outnumber blacks for the first time in most United States metropolitan cities.  Last year, Hispanics became the largest minority group in 191 metropolitan areas, as a result of the Latino population spreading to new areas of the country.  The Census Bureau also projects that by 2020 the Latino population will increase to over 65MM.

Despite all this, there are a mere $3 billion marketing dollars spent annually against $850 billion in Hispanic spending power. That’s less than one-third of one percent. The new census figures add a lot of fuel to the argument that this market is underspent and underestimated. Unfortunately for the disbelievers and marketing xenophobes who chose not to read this article, this is commercial reality, not myth. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to use the census results (or should I say facts) and some other recent research to counterpoint the stubborn myths that live on in our industry.


Hispanic Marketing 101: Smart Marketing Is About Consumer Segmentation

July 12, 2010

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By Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en espanol

When I have conversations with prospective clients who haven’t yet taken the step into Hispanic-language DRTV, I know that they are expecting me to give a mixed presentation about DRTV and Hispanic Marketing 101–but that’s not what they get. There are few actionable differences in marketing to Hispanics versus general consumers and if that is disappointing, I apologize. It is the marketer, not the marketing, that makes the difference. Nowhere is this fact more discernable than DRTV, with its singular focus on ROI and business performance.
(more…) DRTV’s Best Friend

April 19, 2010

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By Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español, Santa Monica

Two bits of good news regarding online “Direct Response” and Hispanics. First, Engage: Hispanics is keeping up the dialog on this issue. I believe it to be the most important growth opportunity in the Hispanic market, and not because of the revenues it may generate for advertisers and their agencies. This growth will continue to be organic for a few more years, because of the impact it is having on Direct Response TV (DRTV) campaigns, or what my friend and colleague, Jose Villa at Sensis, recently referred to as “the performance industry.”

How To Launch An In-Language Internet Program

January 21, 2010

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By: Marcelino Miyares, Director, Mercury en español, Santa Monica

When our clients ask me whether an in-language Internet program is necessary to the success of their Spanish-language advertising campaign, I ask them if their marketing goals long- or short-term. If a client’s goal is short-term testing of a product or service, an in-language Internet program is nice to have but not necessary, but if a client has long-term marketing goals that aim to build loyalty among Spanish-speaking consumers, then an active digital campaign is essential. (more…)