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A New “Perspectiva”

June 20, 2011

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By: Marcelino Miyares, Jr., VP Mercury en español

(As printed in the May 2011 issue of Electronic Retailer Magazine)

I have been involved in marketing to Hispanics in some capacity for more than 30 years. That’s three census cycles, if you’re scoring at home. Most of my tenure has been spent in direct marketing, and every now and then I see a watershed moment that I expect will push marketing to Hispanics over the top. The release of the most recent 2010 Census results is one of those moments.  And still, as recently as last week I have spoken to marketers and agencies who still manage to hold on to outdated and unprofitable perceptions about the Hispanic market.

The 2010 Census results, released in mid-April, are mythbusters for Hispanic marketers. The market now tops 50 million and will account for 95 percent of the teen population growth over the next five years. Hispanics now outnumber blacks for the first time in most United States metropolitan cities.  Last year, Hispanics became the largest minority group in 191 metropolitan areas, as a result of the Latino population spreading to new areas of the country.  The Census Bureau also projects that by 2020 the Latino population will increase to over 65MM.

Despite all this, there are a mere $3 billion marketing dollars spent annually against $850 billion in Hispanic spending power. That’s less than one-third of one percent. The new census figures add a lot of fuel to the argument that this market is underspent and underestimated. Unfortunately for the disbelievers and marketing xenophobes who chose not to read this article, this is commercial reality, not myth. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to use the census results (or should I say facts) and some other recent research to counterpoint the stubborn myths that live on in our industry.


Medical Marketing and Media: Boomers Respond to DRTV

August 5, 2010

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By:  Ronald C. Pruett, Jr. CEO, Mercury Media

Call it the Gray Tsunami, the Silver Tsunami or just plain Baby Boomers getting old. The first of more than 77 million Baby Boomers entering Medicare next year will lead to more changes in our ever-evolving healthcare system. The wealthy, health-conscious and tech savvy Boomer generation is most responsive to personalized information offered in a holistic manner than the generations before. Advertisers are quickly learning the importance of altering tactics to suit Boomers in order to reach this demographic in a direct and efficient way.

How Nonprofits Can Profit from DRTV

July 29, 2010

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By Ronald C. Pruett, Jr, CEO, Mercury Media

Every business has two elements, the tangibles and the intangibles. Tangibles are concrete – the way a product tastes, the way it works, or the value it brings you and your family. Intangibles are rooted in emotion – the way a product or service makes you feel about yourself or the image it conveys to others.  One of the great things about direct response advertising is that it closes the gap between the tangibles and the intangibles. Direct response is centered on enhancing a product or service’s tangible offerings and making its intangible offerings more concrete by making them actionable.

The Old is Not New Again

May 21, 2010

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I would like us to retire two phrases soon. Phrase one: old media. Phrase two: new media.

Media. One word. We have worked the old and new media differentiators to death. For media and marketing veterans, it often felt like there were two camps operating for the same purpose. Maybe new media was cooler and younger. Maybe old media stood for TV, print, and radio. I don’t know really. I do know that it never made sense to me.

Mercury Media CEO Shares DRTV’s Biggest Secrets on Web 2.0 TV

May 19, 2010

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Web 2 .0 TV caught up with Mercury Media’s CEO Ronald C. Pruett,  Jr. at the recent LeadsCon Expo in Las Vegas, NV to discuss the ins-and-outs of DRTV advertising, tips for driving online leads using DRTV, the importance of effective call center management and the difference between short and long form DRTV spots.  Pruett also shares DRTV’s best kept secret:  in-language advertising campaigns targeted toward Hispanic consumers.

DRTV: In the Strike Zone

March 11, 2010

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By: Ronald C. Pruett, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Mercury Media

I took special notice of Multichannel Merchant editor Melissa Dowling’s lead editorial last week. If you didn’t catch it, she describes her experience in ordering and then not receiving a household cleaning product from a direct response TV ad. There are two lessons to be learned from this. One: Never underperform for a member of the trade press. Two: direct response is an operational business that covers the complete customer experience from ad to delivery and all points in between.