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Video Consumption in a Fragmented Marketplace

June 30, 2011

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By: Michael Goodman, Strategic Analyst, Mercury Media

TV, Internet, smartphones, DVRs, on-demand. Today’s consumers have more viewing options than at any other time in history. While different segments of the population might prefer different devices to view on, or exhibit different viewing habits, the overall trend is clear; consumers are watching more video on TV, the Internet and mobile devices than at any other time.

But despite all the alternative viewing options available, plain old television continues to dominate viewing by a wide margin. According to Nielsen’s Q1 2011 Cross-Platform Report, persons 2+ watched an average of 35 hours and 37 minutes of television a week followed by using the internet on a PC (5:43 per week) and watching time shifted TV (2:25 per week) (see Exhibit 1). Segmenting television into quintiles shows the even the lowest quintile of TV viewers still averages an hour of TV viewing per day, while the highest quintile watches nearly ten hours a day. While some variation is seen among different demographic and ethnic groups the overarching theme remains constant – television dominates viewing.